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Rome, Italy

Rome is filled with architectural and all kinds of artistic greatness. Every nook and cranny of the city is filled with history and beauty. The souls of the greatest artists that ever lived wander Rome. This city is the dream of every lover of art. I would like to spend weeks or even months going around this city exploring it as much as possible, drinking all of its wonder, satisfying my thirst until it overwhelms me and I cry with joy.


Opéra Garnier / Palais Garnier

Copenhagen, Denmark

Barcelona, Spain

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skye is a name I want to give my future son. Why not go to the place with the same name?

Santorini, Greece

White and blue, beautiful isn’t it? Roam around Santorini wearing a summer dress and a pair slippers. Taste the salty air and listen to the Greeks laugh.


Tossa de Mar, Spain


Do you love the stairs and the sunlight and the trees? I do.

Where I Will Live

Guess where I plan to live someday?  I’d live alone there and I would be totally fine. I’d go around looking for art, music, and beauty. I will let my taste buds tingle with joy, my ears and heart tremble with the strings of violins, and my eyes feast on different colors. My tongue might learn different languages. My fingers might play an instrument or two. My feet will step on this country’s soil and more. Give me around ten years.