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Bucket List Entry #14


14. Ride a hot air balloon during a hot air balloon festival.


Bucket List Entry #13

Learn how to play the ukulele

Bucket List Entry #12

Nadal Wimbledon 2013


11. Watch Wimbledon. I really want to camp outside the courts and watch from the screen. Or better yet watch courtside!

Another dream of mine is get one of those Wimbledon towels. I know they are for the players (I’m not even sure if they can bring them home with them) but I really want one. Though it’s a long shot (unless they also sell them?! Anyone knows if they sell?) since I don’t know how to play tennis.

Add it to my bucket list to learn how to play tennis. 😉

Bucket List Entry #12

12. Learn how to skateboard.


Bucket List Entry #11

11. Donate blood. This should be done before getting a tattoo.


I donated blood last March 1. Great way to start the month, right?


Bucket List Entry #10

10. Learn to ride a horse well. No, I don’t have to learn how to be an equestrian. I just want to learn well enough that I won’t fall off the horse when it runs.

Bucket List Entry #9

9. Own one of the classic 1963 Volkswagen Beetles, preferably a red or a yellow one.

Bucket List Entry #8

8. Go on a religious pilgrimage.

Bucket List Entry #7

7. Shave the side of my head.

Bucket List Entry #6

6. Be a Starbucks barista.