In Art School (by Viel,

by Catherine Chiu

1. Some people are better than you.
2. Don’t compare yourself to others.
3. Your artwork will never be good enough for you.
4. You get to be lucky enough to make good art sometimes.
5. You’ll miss sleeping properly
6. You’ll be mentally, physically and emotionally tired.
7. People will judge you.
8. You will live up to stereotypes, sometimes.
9. You may want to shift out, but you will never be as satisfied and as happy.
10. You’re doing what you love, most of the time.
11. Your viewpoint about things would drastically widen.
12. You will feel colors.
13. You’ll see the good and bad in artworks.
14. You’ll regret most things, but still love everything at the end of the day.
15. You creatively procrastinate.
16. You will find yourself judging almost anything.
17. You will spend most of your money on art stuff, some you won’t even use.
18. Music is a very powerful tool.
19. You will feel liberated.
20. Some, if not most non-art students wouldn’t get why you don’t like your art.

21. You think of a good concept or you’d know what to draw, but you don’t know how to do it.
22. You’ll experiment a lot.
23. You will feel a sudden urge to repeat a plate just before the deadline.
24. You won’t repeat it because you’re too stressed.
25. Concepts from other courses/studies can be applied in artworks.
26. People might not understand/accept your concept
27. Some profs will actually ridicule your work in front of your peers.
28. You will cry.
29. You will tweet about #FAProblems
30. It’s either you have an art blog or a DA account.
31. You probably won’t update them ‘cause you’re too busy.
32. You will be exposed to chemicals… hehehehehehehehehehehehe…
33. Various chemicals.. hehehehe
34. Non-art students will not know what you’re referring to when you say “studies”.
35. You’ll probably use duct tape.
36. Grecco could be considered as the duct tape of the art world.
37. Grecco fumes.. hehehehe
38. Concepts are like glass bowls. You like them at some point then someone throws it and breaks it as soon as possible.
39. There’s a possibility that you’ll tweet “How do you even art?”
40. Most times, you’ll never finish what you started.
41. It is possible to consider at least one of your profs as a god.
42. You might start your own religion.
43. You’d ask for constructive criticism, but you’ll end up being offended/saddened/regretful.
44. When you see an artwork you don’t understand or make something you don’t understand, you’ll end saying “Eh, it’s art”
45. You might learn about Yaoi and other similar stuff.
46. You might regret learning about Yaoi… or not…
47. In group school work, people will automatically assign you to make ppts, shoot videos, make posters.
48. Consider your comfort zones shattered and irreplaceable.
49. You’re gonna be comfortable in seeing naked people, even in public.
50. Naked people will be part of some of your artworks.
51. People will ask you to draw them as if you can crap art without sweating.
52. You’d still draw them.
53. People will think you’re the next Rembrandt, when you’re just doodling.
54. Non-art students don’t know who Rembrandt is.
55. People assume you’re bad at math.
56. You might probably even forget how to math…
57. You probably have already thought of getting random stuff then just label it as art
58. Sometimes, you defend your work as if you actually had a concept.
59. You”ll feel the urge to defend your work everytime..
60. Sometimes, anime drawing
61. You will find good looking strangers to draw.
62. Those strangers might find you creepy
63. Profs will tell you to take your time when doing plates
64. The same profs will pressure you with deadlines
65. People are weird
66. Weird is lovely (or at least the good kind of weird)
67. Sex is a common topic/subject for art works
68. Not all will accept that topic
69. Hehehehehe…
70. Though similar in some aspects, each artist’s art style is unique like a fingerprint
71. Not all artists have good hand writing
72. Not all artists have great signatures
73. Bad handwriting could be considered as an art form
74. Bad/good handwriting should be viewed as a personal font
75. Naming your pieces using your local language will add more oomph to your artwork
73. Everyone’s a critic
74. Some critics have a point
75. Some critics are just showing off.. jerks…
(Yeah, Viel’s numbering is screwed. I didn’t change it. Haha)
76. If you say the phrase “Y U NO DOCTOR YET”, you might actually offend someone
77. The previous tweet could possibly explain why some artists have bad signatures
78. People try to be humble, but inside, they’re really screaming with glee and pride when compimented
79. Anything can be your subject
80. You can make art using anything
81. Anything can be your brush
82. If you think hard enough almost anything can be your paint
83. Anything can be your canvas
84. Size is but a concept
85. It is possible to find a zoo of hairstyles with different colors
86. You might actually try one of these styles some day
87. You will try to please everyone
88. You can’t please everyone
89. Anything you make is open for interpretation
90. Painting with body parts is acceptable *ehem*
91. People will try to carve almost anything
92. Censorship is optional
93. Tumblr is like heaven to you
94. You will have a library of sketchpads
95. Not all those sketchpads are finished
96. Some sketchpads might contain dick symbols
97. Profane things are everywhere
98. You get used to it
99. Paint will be your perfume
100. If you get paint on your clothes, tell people that it’s a design and you work it, girl
101. You will find beauty in contrast. For example, dalmatians (hehehehehehe)
102. Black and white photographs are acceptable
103. You will criticize people for using cardboard, especially for set designs
104. Philosophy will inspire you
105. Hipsters are everywhere
106. Just by being an art student, you can be classified as a hipster
107. It is mandatory to go against the mainstream at least once a day
108. There’s nothing wrong with being hipster, sometimes
109. Getting exposure through social media is acceptable
110. Make sure it’s good exposure though…
111. You will sacrifice a lot of things…
112. What you’ll sacrifice most is sleep
113. Virgins sacrifices are optional
114. Make sure to sacrifice the right things
115. art students are fed with compliments and killed by deadlines
116. Singing while making art actually helps
117. Be careful when singing
118. Mind your surroundings
119. Try not to look like an idiot when singing, if you can
120. Mistakes are obligatory
121. Transporting your work when commuting is a total pain in the *insert body part here*
122. Mistakes can turn into art (literally and metaphorically)
123. Mistakes are the best profs
124. Typos can be an art form, but you might be misundertsood
125. Waterproof your artwork. Unexpected/expected tears may fall upon the said artwork
126. Keep all your art
127. Playing battle music while making art is also effective
128. Make sure not to destroy your work in the process
129. Photography is an art form
130. Photography takes a lot of effort too
131. It also takes a lot of money away from you too
132. Anyone can be an artist. It takes talent, skill, patience, practice, effort, and love to be a great artist
(And this is Viel compensating for the mistake in his numbering in 73-75.)
136. Treat your creations as if they were your children
137. Art is an investment. The results are promising
138. You get to make your own real life username
139. You get to sign stuff with that username
140. Get a good username, okay?
141. Your best and worst critic will always be yourself. Only you can know what you really did wrong. Only you can fix it
142. A failed grade doesn’t mean you’re a bad artist.
143. It takes a million artworks before a master piece is made
144. At times the beautiful is ugly and the ugly is beautiful. It all depends on your perception about things
145. The concept of beauty is like the leaves of a tree. It constantly changes and *ehem* leaves *ehem* time after time
146. It’s quite possible to get easily astonished by a new art style
147. We all know the value of art
148. You will know the difference between art and design.
149. There’s also a certain stereotype within the different programs
150. Proper accreditation of artworks will always, always be appreciated.
151. Clothing is optional
152. You get paid to be naked
153. You also get paid to pose for few hours, more or less
154. Fan girls, fan girls everywhere…
153. There are also fan boys, yep there are some
(Always with the numbering HAHA)
155. It’s normal to draw tentacles
156. It’s normal to draw phallic symbols
157. Cute things are almost always in
158. You will be happy to find someone else in a different college that’s interested in art
159. Do not be afraid to feed the artists. We need to eat too
160. You will have the urge to redo someone else’s artwork, but you won’t, out of respect
161. Subtle hints will do just fine
162. You will love fonts
163. You’ll learn how to differentiate fonts
164. Fonts have specific uses for different situations
165. You will learn to differentiate fonts and typefaces
166. It’s acceptable to use Comic Sans depending on the situation
167. Comic Sans still sucks though
168. If you can, just choose another font instead
169. Fonts give designs their extra oonph
170. Designs with too many fonts will either be ridiculed or would go unnoticed.
171. Even the placement of the text matters
172. Most times, Fibonacci is your best friend
173. You will appreciate all types of art works and artists
174. Drawings can be used as gifts. It doesn’t cost much. Good or bad it’s still highly appreciated
175. You learn from your teachers and your teachers learn from you
176. Teachers inspire you and you inspire your teachers
177. Taste in the aesthetic or in design, is one big factor that differentiates artists from non-artists
178. You will learn the real meaning of minimalism
179. You will learn to differentiate various art movements
180. An offset of a few inches, millimeters or any unit of measurement for that matter, can possibly mean life or death
181. The use of graffiti is acceptable
182. If it’s illegal to do your art on the wall you chose, just build your own wall
183. The meaning of the term “fashion sense” is completely subjective
184. The meaning of “hairstyle” is also subjective
185. It is a possibility that you may or may not have accidentally drank paint at one point in time
186. Don’t touch other artists’ paint brushes without hesitating first. You don’t know where they’ve been or what they touched
187. It’s quite unavoidable to refer to your plates as regular plates for eating in an attempt to make a joke
188. Non-artist will actually think of food plates when you say plates
189. You end up referring to your plates as projects
190. You will actually learn human anatomy
191. You will also learn a bit of chemistry
192. You might learn physics as well
193. Not all art students are introverted
194. There are art students that are sporty
195. Some art students are good at math
196. Not all art students own berets
197. Most art students wish they owned one
198. Some actually secretly own one
199. Most students are high…ly talented
200. Most students are high….ly educated
201. Your plates should be one of your top priorities
202. People love going to museums
203. We have field trips to museums
204. We all dream of our artworks to be exhibited in one
205. Often times, people just stare and contemplate at paintings and etc.
206. We think about how the painting was made
207. We think about what the artist’s message is
208. We think about the artists feelings
209. We think of the artist’s creative process
210. We contemplate on how we should do it if it was our own
211. We think of ways on how to steal the artwork if it’s really good (good thing most art students don’t follow through)
212. We love artworks that stimulate the five senses (especially if they stimulate our… taste buds)
213. We feel the art
214. We also sometimes literally feel the art
215. Temptation is everyehere
216. By temptation, I mean touching other people’s artwork (especially in museums)
217. The weirder the concept, the more you’d look artsy
218. Giving a french title to your work will make it sound legit
219. Plates have double functions. One is for passing a requirement and the other is for your personal portfolio
220. Sometimes, you’ll draw abstract subjects
221. If you didn’t do it on purpose, you probably inhaled some grecco fumes
222. At the end of the sem, your classmates (and even you) might possibly turn into either zombies or blobs
223. You will hear a lot of strange sounds
224. One of those sounds could be the sound of a dying art student
225. Expect stress
226. Expect cranky people
227. Expect sleepy people
228. You wake them up by means of a math problem
229. The weirder the material you use, the better
230. The weirder you tool you use, the better
231. Procrastination is commonly accepted
232. You’ll try to change that at least once
233. Sadly, you’ll do it another time