11 Novels That Will Actually Change Your Perspective On Life

by Catherine Chiu

How many have you read? 😉

Thought Catalog

Ah, literature. The great medium whose current stars write about such serious issues as vampire romance, post-apocalyptic human hunting, professors solving religious mysteries, and billionaire sex experts. Now, I’m all for the novels of Stephanie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, and Dan Brown (as for Ms. E.L. James…), but at some point one wants to read both for entertainment and for deeper understandings, perspective changes, and thoughts so new and foreign you’d never have found them without entering into the beautifully thought-out worlds that your fellow human labored over, brainstormed, outlined, and executed.

Now, good literature isn’t terribly hard to come by. Yet truly classic books, the kind that are actually worth your time, which stir something in you, and that you’ll reflect on for years to come — well those are a bit tougher to find. I’ll admit that the following list is too short, that there are deserving titles that…

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