Untitled 2

by Catherine Chiu

Why does snow fall on a winter’s night?
To make a crown of crystals for your head.
To make a soft cushion for your throne.
To create a pure white castle fit for the king’s heart.

Why does the sun melt the ice and the flowers spring?
So the trees can make an arch to announce the entry of a king.
So the robins can sing you a chorus
As the sunflowers bow as you walk past.

Why does the sun continue to blaze with all its might?
So that the whole world can keep their eyes on you.
To let the sea wash your tired feet
While the sirens make you a mail of shells.

Why do the leaves fly away from the branches?
Because your majesty could not keep them still with joy.
To make a carpet that every king should have.
And even they are transformed to more beautiful shades.