Painting the Sky

by Catherine Chiu

As the sun begins to set, the sky is divided into two, the east and the west. The west is bathed in blinding yellow, red, and orange as the sun is nearest there. Let your eyes travel toward the east and the colours soften and lessen in intensity. At the east, the sky has been filled in by an artist using pastel blue. The artist has also added a few soft, feathery pink clouds to accompany the small pale moon. The sun continues to quiver and hide behind the mountains and the moon begins to take the stage. The colours of the east and the west mix to give a homogenous purple sky. The pink feathers disperse and disappear as the sky slowly turns into a dark blue. A faint, faint star wants to emerge and be seen. Not much can but if you look closely there it is. And there. And another one there! The stars pop out of the sky one by one, starting with the smallest. You cannot decide the colour of the sky at this point. You are uncertain if it is a dark blue, gray, or already black. But after a few minutes you make up your mind that it was not black because now, everything’s getting darker, and nothing is darker than black. The quarter moon shines big and bright, like the Cheshire’s smile. Its light is powerful enough to illuminate its back side to let you see its outline while you’re here on the ground. You turn your head away from the Cheshire and see darkest corner of the sky and there shines the brightest dots on the sky. Those feathery clothes are back but they are no more cheery because now, they are gray and serious. It’s scattered but it lets the bright shapes take the stage. It goes closer to the moon and the moon creates a yellow halo for itself. More stars take the front row and are proud to flicker so brightly. Here everything freezes. And you look up and praise the artist’s work.

On another day, the artist takes out a new canvas and paints again. This time, He fills the top quarter with dark grey, almost black. Then the next quarter, violet. Then blue. Then orange for the bottom. The transition of colors is so smooth you don’t know where it starts and stops. You just stand there and stare at the beautiful sky. All things between the horizon and yourself are just black shapes. Shapes of trees, buildings, lamp posts, and even the birds are just silhouettes. A wonderful sight, if you ask me.

Cheers to the Artist! I await another day for a new painting.