While I rummaged through my pile of books

by Catherine Chiu

This book, The Silver Crown, is one book that I cannot give away. I read this when I was smaller. It took me three tries to finish it. But it paid off in the end. I LOVE THIS BOOK! One part of my childhood.

I found this series cool before, with all the martial arts and different styles of it. As a martial artist myself, a taekwondoin to be exact, I pictured their movements like it was something I could or would do and it fascinated me.

These are only some of my favorites. The Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is a nice classic for girls. Family, friends, and romance. It’s three major themes are domesticity, work, and true love.

In reading Gopnik’s The King in the Window, you would think that he might be the child of Lewis Carroll for The King in the Window is quite similar to Alice in Wonderland with all it’s curious objects and being. Nevertheless, it is one of my favorites.

These are three classics that have been added to my stack of to-reads. Everyone should read they’re handful of classics once in a while.