EnteleKinesis by Elizabeth Barrette

by Catherine Chiu

Destiny is a force imposed from without.Entelechy is a force arising from within, the outward manifestation of an inner will, the inevitable expression of essence.

It is the destiny of a prince to become a king. It is the entelechy of an acorn to become an oak tree.

Grow or die. Evolve, or face extinction.

The soul shapes itself, makes itself in its own image. The end result grows organically, naturally, indelibly from the beginning.

The spark becomes the bonfire. The seed becomes the tree.

Yet we who are humans can go beyond even this, can tap that primal magick to recreate ourselves; we can learn to evolve unconciously.

You cannot change who you were or who you could become directly; you can only affect who you are. You cannot make changes against your own nature —

an oak will never be a willow, nor a willow be a rose.

But you can shape the reach of your branches to best encompass the light, to shelter the small lives that thrive beneath and within you. Every moment is another chance to do better with what you have at hand.

Over the slow motion of years, the spiral timepiece of your life unwinds; you emerge, blossom, bear fruit, more ever and more fully into the realm of your wisdom.

You grow not into a mold but into a motion, into an effortless eternal unfolding of self from soul.

Each movement draws you closer to your own conclusion. The bed does not create the river. The river carves the bed, flowing out and down to the ocean as it follows its own nature.

As we each create being and each other, we make a world to move through, a stage to stand on, a frame for the final flawless involvement of our lives.

Karma is only an excuse for foolishness and absolvement from responsibility. Entelechy comprises an ultimate acceptance of shape, not as a path imposed from without but as a pattern exposed from within.

Entelekinesis composes the process of moving from one to the other, becoming ever more fully a loyalist unto oneself.

Believe in your own excellence, in the perfection of your pattern for putting together a perfect you and do not make way for waves or vagaries. Keep one eye always on that inner compass, and its unshakeable faith will guide you to your own emergence