Those Who Dare

by Catherine Chiu

I admire those who dare to go for their dreams, however big and scary they are. I admire those who dare to be different. I admire those who look for adventure. I admire those who look much more from this technological world. I admire those who look for meaning, value, and beauty in the simple things around them. I admire those who stick to their beliefs.

Those kind of people are mostly criticized. They are called stupid, rash, too romantic, and sometimes even mentally ill. Yes, those kind of people may be the ones who die first but guess what? They are the few ones who actually get to see the beauty of life.Their hearts are filled with pure joy. They get to fulfill their dreams. Or at least died trying. That is still better because most people don’t try at all. Those who stand up and walk towards their goal and continue past all the obstacles usually find what they are looking for.